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Passenger cars are motorized vehicles intended for the transport of people. They can be found in various variants, such as the convertible, coupé, station wagon, SUV or vintage cars. Browse through our different categories to see a complete overview of the different variants scale models of passenger cars.

In the early days, cars were equipped with a steam engine. Today, a car is usually powered by an internal combustion engine. This gets its energy from the combustion of petrol, diesel or autogas. Increasingly strict environmental legislation and modern technological developments mean that more and more passenger cars with electric drive are entering the market. Another development is the use of two engines, so-called hybrids. The car will then have a combustion engine for use outside the city and an electric motor for the city. Examples include the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius

The first Benz, now Mercedes, was made by Carl Benz in 1885. However, the history of passenger cars started in 1989, when the French Panhard et Levassor started the production of the first automobile. Two years later the still famous Peugeot car brand followed.

Over the years, numerous car brands and models have appeared on the market. There are currently around 1000 car brands active all over the world that have built at least one car in their entire history. The presence of car brands varies greatly from country to country. View our passenger car models from well-known brands such as Audi, Bugatti, BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Opel, Porsche and many more on this page!

House of Modelcars offers a wide range of passenger cars scale models from well-known manufacturers such as Spark, Minichamps, Norev, IXO and KK-scale. Our resin and die-cast passenger cars are available in a variety of scales, from 1:12 to 1:64. Is the passenger car of your choice not among our offered scale models? Please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to see if we can find the model car for you.