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The police, fire brigade, ambulance services and rescue brigades are recognized among the emergency services. When an incident is reported, they will proceed with the greatest possible speed if necessary, using motorized vehicles. The emergency vehicles have sirens and flashing lights on the roof that make them a right-of-way vehicle and can drive quickly. If necessary for the performance of their task, priority vehicles may deviate from the traffic rules.

Right-of-way vehicles are more likely than passenger cars to be involved in a road accident. This is because they are allowed to drive faster and deviate from traffic rules. Also because many other road users do not know how best to react, accidents occur more often. Emergency service vehicles are often provided with a striking striping so that they are quickly recognizable in traffic. 

The ambulance was not legally a priority vehicle until 9 June 1965. He did use optical and sound signals, but that could then still be interpreted as a request to give priority and not as an obligation. As a result of this history, the ambulance carried a three-tone horn, while the police and fire brigade only had a two-tone signal. From 2009, all emergency services have received the same sound signal.

Although emergency services vehicles are often of the same car make, over the years numerous car makes and models of priority vehicles have come into use. This also applies to the House of Modelcars scale models. View our models of priority vehicles from well-known brands such as Audi, Opel, Porsche and Toyota on this page.

House of Modelcars offers a wide range of scale models of emergency vehicles from well-known manufacturers such as Spark, Minichamps, Norev and many more! Emergency vehicles from various countries can be found on this page. Our resin and die-cast emergency vehicles are available in 1:18 and 1:43 scale models. Is the scale model priority vehicle of your choice not among our offered models? Please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to see if we can find the model car for you.