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A coupé is a sporty car. The downward sloping body shape provides this sporty appearance. The car is (usually) equipped with only two or three doors; two doors if the car is based on a sedan, three doors if it is based on a hatchback. The classic coupé has no butt because the C-pillar slopes straight to the back of the car. More modern variants can have a small back.

If the coupé is equipped with a rear seat, it will have limited space. In this case it is referred to as 2 + 2, indicating that this car is suitable for two adults and two children.

The different compartments can be divided into different categories, namely;

Berlinetta; a lightweight, sporty two-door car with (usually) two seats.
For Business; a two-door car without or with a removable rear seat.
Club; a two-door car with a larger rear seat.
Combi; a body similar to the liftback, a sub-type hatchback where the rear cargo door is angled more horizontally than on an average hatchback.
Four-door or the Quad coupé; a four-door car with a low roofline at the rear, which reduces the passenger compartment.
Opera; a two-door car with easy access to the generous rear seat. Designed as a means of transport to the opera.
Convertible; with a folding roof.
Other; stand-alone model lines such as the Alfa Romeo GT.

Some of the best-selling coupés are the BMW 2 and 3 series, Audi A5, Mercedes-Benz C-class and the Renault Mégane.

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