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A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is a car that stands high on its wheels and is intended for the transport of people. These cars often have the technology to drive off-road in the form of four-wheel drive. The cars have a high to extra high entry.

A distinction is made between the following subcategories; Off-road vehicles, Road of Luxury, Fullsize, Midsize, Compact, Mini and Crossover.

The Range Rover has been around since 1970, but it was not called SUV until the late 1990s, when this term came over from the US. Before that, these cars were classified as off-road vehicles. The SUV has also been popular in Europe since 2005.

Off-road vehicles are designed to be driven off-road rather than on paved roads. SUVs, on the other hand, are developed for driving mainly on the road and also have properties to make good progress in the off-road. In the US, these cars fall into the 'light truck' class and therefore do not have to meet the stricter safety and environmental requirements that apply to passenger cars.

In 2008 the demand for vacuum cars increased as oil prices rose. This forced some factories producing SUVs to close down. Due to its shape and weight, the fuel consumption, and thus the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, of this type of car is much higher than that of hatchbacks and sedans. This makes it an expensive car to drive. Yet these cars are extremely popular again today. In 2018, four out of ten cars sold worldwide were an SUV.

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