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A convertible, convertible or convertible is a car with a folding or folding roof. The name is a name after the open carriage, the predecessor of the car.

The very first cars were convertibles only. Only later, when Cadillac presented the first coupé, the closed car came onto the market. In the 1970s, the convertible was seen as dangerous because occupants were barely protected if a vehicle rolls over. Today, convertibles are often equipped with a roll-over bar for this reason.

In 1934, the concept of a metal retractable roof was first applied to the Peugeot 401. Technically, this car is not a convertible but a hard top. The roofs consisted of one piece and were therefore impractical to use. The folding fabric roofs became more popular because they took up less space. However, detachable hardtops that could be mounted in the winter and left in the garage in the summer remained in production.

Peugeot and Ford have produced an intermediate form in which a metal roof partially collapses in the trunk. This folding roof was first built on the Peugeot 401 Eclipse in 1935. Because the technology was not working properly at that time, this model had little success on the market.
Another variant of the convertible is the targa roof, which can consist of one or two panels and is often made of glass. With a targa roof with two panels, the T-bar remains visible after folding the roof. This is a connecting piece between the front and rear of the car.

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