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A motorcycle or motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle, whether or not equipped with a sidecar or trailer. The engines can be roughly divided into 4 categories; Road bikes, such as mopeds, choppers, scooters and others; (Semi) terrain bikes, such as allroads, adventure bikes, offroads and others; Oldtimers, such as sidecars, ladies' motorcycles, tricycles and others; Competition motorcycles, such as dirt bikes, end promoters, minibikes, etc.

Vehicles that are lighter and slower can be considered a "moped". Certain criteria apply to be excluded from the motorcycles group. Consider, for example, tuned mopeds or scooters. Some vehicles, such as the quad bike that used to be considered a motorbike, have belonged to the car category since the 2009 amendment to the law.

At the beginning of the 20th century, experiments were already being carried out with various construction and operating methods of motorcycles. Around the 1930s a standard was adopted that every motorcycle had to meet and which is still used today.

From the 1930s internal combustion engines have been widely used on both cars and motorcycles. These obtain the energy from the combustion of petrol, diesel or autogas. Nowadays, due to increasingly strict environmental legislation and ever more advanced technology, many electric motors are also used.

Motorsport has existed since 1894, when the first city-to-city street race was held. Closed circuit racing originated later, when races were banned on public roads. Today there are all kinds of races, on asphalt, ice and different types of terrain. Think for example of motocross, drag race, road race, sidecar rally, trials and others.

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