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Brands of model cars and the specializations of House of Modelcars

There are hundreds of brands of model cars in the world. Some manufacturers specialize in certain scales and others in certain themes. We have listed the most important brands of model cars and our specializations for you.

Our specializations

'House of Modelcars' has model cars from hundreds of different brands and manufacturers in its range. That amounts to thousands of model cars. We are truly specialized in 10 brands of model cars. That means that we have more (special, unique) types and more types of in-house. And that we also have more stock from 10 brands. Are you looking for a special type of model car from one of the 10 brands below? Then you've come to the right place!


Minichamps was founded in 1990 by Paul-Gunter Lang and initially focused on DTM cars (Deutsche Tourenwagen-Masters - one of the most important touring car championships). The focus is on 1:43 model cars. All models are developed in Aachen, Germany, and produced in China. The video below gives a good idea of that. The models are made of zinc and plastic. Many activities are still manual work (spraying, assembling and pasting).


The Spark models also come from China. Namely from the island of Taipa from Macau. People mainly work with the scales 1:43 (ca. 100 pieces) - 1:18 (ca. 20 pieces) - 1:87 (ca. 10 pieces racing cars) and 1:12 (ca. 15 models racing cars and engines). "Sparky" is the brand name for 1:64 models and "Bizarre by Spark" for bizarre, futuristic models at 1:43.


AUTOart is proud of the high quality that they deliver. They boast the high standard of topcoats and the detailed steering, brakes and other components. Many activities are still manual work. The Japanese company has been around since 1998 and has since developed more than 2,000 1:18 model cars.


Looksmart is an Italian model car manufacturer that, how could it be otherwise, has a lot of focus on Italian car brands: Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and from Italian designer and body builder Zagato. But Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi and Seat also belong to the range. Everything on a scale of 1:12, 1:18 and 1:43. For special events, models are also made in special packaging.


Matrix from Uden in the Netherlands specializes in classic models and vintage cars from almost all brands. They are marketed in nine series:


  • 10000 series of European cars
  • 20000 series USA cars
  • 30000 series Economy cars
  • 40000 series Exclusive cars
  • 50000 series Coachbuild cars
  • LOUWMAN museum series
  • Race collection

Other scales

  • XL 1:18 series
  • XXL 1: 6 series

BBR Models

The handmade model cars of the Italian BBR Models belong to the more expensive price range. They excel in materials used, details and finish. BBR brings various series on the market, such as the BBR Classic, the BBR ORO and the BBR Design. All in the 1:43 scale. Scale 1:18 includes Project 18, BLM 18 and the Die-cast metal series. There is also the exclusive, expensive BBR12 series, scale 1:12.

NEO Scale models

NEO supplies classic models in its own words "HQ resin with photo etching parts in perspex show box". The majority of the assortment is 1:43 and 1: 87, but also has a few copies in 1:18, 1:24 and 1:64.


Norev was founded just after the Second World War by the French brothers Joseph and Emile Véron. The brand name is the surname spelled backwards. Norev also started with the French car brands in scale 1:43. Later they added, among others, 1:18, 1:64 and 1:87. Foreign car brands also soon followed. The range consists of hundreds of miniature cars and miniature trucks and buses etc.

Premium X

Premium X is a brand of Ixo models and the manufacturer is PCT Co. Ltd from the Chinese Macau. The Premium X models can be produced in accordance with the die-cast (pressed from a metal plate with a press) and the resin method (molded with plastic in a mold). Everything on a 1:18 or 1:43 scale.


The German company Schuco has been around for more than 100 years and has sold more than 100 million model cars. It is nowadays part of the toy manufacturer Simba Dickie Group. They have a very large assortment of, among others, tin models, passenger cars, trucks, army vehicles, emergency services, engines and planes.

All brands of model cars in stock

  • a
    • Almost Real
    • Altaya
    • American Diorama
    • Arai
    • AUTOart
    • AutoCult
    • AutoWorld
  • B
    • Anxious
    • BBR Models
    • Bburago
    • Bell
    • Bizarre
    • BoS Models
    • Brekina
    • Brumm
  • C.
    • Cararama
    • CMC
    • CMF
    • CMR
  • E
    • Ebbro
    • Eligor
    • EMC
    • Exoto
  • F
    • Fujimi
  • G
    • GLM
    • GP Replicas
    • Greenlight
    • GT Spirit
    • GTA cars
  • H
    • HotWheels
    • HotWheels Elite
    • HPI
  • I
    • iScale
    • Ixo
  • J
    • J Collection
    • Jadatoys
  • K.
    • K-Model
    • KESS
    • KK Scale
    • Kyosho
  • L.
    • LeMans Miniatures
    • Looksmart
    • LS Collectibles
  • M
    • Maisto
    • Matrix
    • Minichamps
    • MotorArt
    • Motor city
    • MotorMax
    • MR Collection
  • N
    • Neo
    • Norev
  • O
    • Ottomobile
    • Oxford
  • P
    • Poacher
    • Premium Classixxs
    • Premium X
    • PRO.R 43
  • Q
    • Quartzo
  • R
    • Replicars
    • Replicarz
    • Revell
    • RIO Models
    • RMZ
  • S
    • Schuberth
    • Schuco
    • Schuco Pro.R
    • Sigature
    • Solido
    • Spark
  • T
    • TechArt
    • Techno model
    • TopMarques
    • TopModelCollection
    • Triple9
    • Trophy
    • True Scale
    • TSM
  • YOU
    • UT Models
    • V Vitesse
    • W Welly
    • Whitebox
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